Gina T.

Published on 18. Juni 2014

Gina2Gina T. was born as Gina Tielmann in Bussum in the Netherlands.

Gina T. worked in various music projects as a singer until 1988 when the music producer Adam Schairer became aware of her voice and her stage show. Adam Schairer successfully produced the song „IN MY FANTASY“ with her in 1989. After that, one hit after another followed: „TOKYO BY NIGHT“ – „HEY ANGEL“ – „YOU REALLY GOT ME“ u. v. m. For this, Gina and her team received gold and platinum awards worldwide. „SAIL OVER SEVEN SEAS“ sold more than 2 million copies in Indonesia alone.

Gina T. is a guest in numerous TV + radio shows. Her last BEST OF album has been released successfully worldwide. Their song „MONEY FOR MY HONEY“ was placed in a few days after release in various DJ and radio charts, as well as the song produced in February 2011 – „LITTLE BUTTERFLY“.

Not only as a singer, but also as a songwriter Gina T. makes a name. As Gina Tielman and under the pseudonym – Gordon Namleit – she wrote numerous hits for artists like: Andy Borg, Claudia Jung u. Richard Clayderman, Simone, Isabel Varell, Romina Valentin, Maria Bonelli, The Klostertaler, Tears of Joy, Tim Capri, Gaby Baginsky, Nadine Norell, Bruno Maccalini, Heike Schaefer, Adam and of course for themselves.


– MCD Little Butterfly (unavailable)
VÖ: 2011, Single 711-00825

– CD Love will survive
VÖ: 2012, CD 191-00847

– CD 25th Anniversary – Best Of Doppelalbum
VÖ: 2013, D-CD 494-00953

– CD Fly to paradise
VÖ: 2018, CD 193-01049

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